Steve Levine
Steve Levine

- Brand Development
- Brand Personality
- Communication Strategies
- Signage and Store Graphics
- Targeted Advertising Campaigns
- Creative Strategies

Steve Levine


Steve Levine is focused on helping companies understand how the market perceives them, and enhancing or altering that perception by strategically targeting and influencing customers. He defines, creates, communicates and motivates; his mission is to help you persuade your market that your brand is worth getting to know.

He has earned dozens of awards for campaigns in brand identity, rebranding, packaging, direct mail, print advertising, collateral materials, radio, outdoor and web design.

He has worked with numerous restaurants over the years, including Arby’s (PT Noodles concept), Ed Debevics, Orleans, La Salsa, Ruby’s Diner, Flat Rock Grille and Hamburger Hamlet. His involvement ranged from collateral and menu design to multiple-media advertising campaigns to brand overhauls.

Levine was a frequent lecturer in advertising and marketing classes at both the University of California at Los Angeles and at University of Southern California. He currently lives in Corrales, N.M., with his wife Marci Blaze. He is a member of the New Mexico Advertising Federation and teaches Branding, Marketing and Design at the Southwest University of Visual Arts.