Mike Lukianoff
Mike Lukianoff

- Revenue management
- Pricing
- Menu engineering
- Marketing/media mix analysis
- Real estate modeling

Michael Lukianoff

Michael Lukianoff is an innovative and trusted adviser, providing strategic and tactical guidance to some of the industry’s largest and most reputable companies. An expert in applied econometrics, price elasticity, forecasting, and asset management, Lukianoff has also invented unique statistical approaches to site selection and media allocation. He is a registered co-inventor of two patents. 
Lukianoff has recently been the quantitative backbone for RTS clients who required help with menu analysis, pricing, and consumer research.

Prior joining RTS, he served as president (North American division) of Revenue Management Solutions, a global econometric consulting firm with many restaurant clients. Lukianoff led his division to 24 straight quarters of double-digit growth and six consecutive years of new record sales, profit, and client growth. 
Lukianoff began his restaurant career as a busboy for a small Japanese restaurant in Connecticut where he also gained his first culinary training. He also has nearly a decade of food and beverage experience in positions ranging from general manager to executive chef. 
Lukianoff holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Ithaca College and a Masters of Management in Hospitality from Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration.