Laura Gosse
Laura Gosse

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Laura Gosse

Laura Gosse is an online marketing specialist, helping businesses and organizations explore, harness and push the boundaries of the Internet via email marketing, online advertising, blogging, social media and webinars.

Gosse launched her career in 2001 as Creative Director for Fishbowl, an on-demand marketing solutions company dedicated to the restaurant industry, where she built its award-winning design team.

In 2006 she was tapped to oversee the launch of Fishbowl Local, the company’s email marketing platform for independent restaurant owners. Because of her experience in email marketing, from the technical to the creative, Gosse oversaw all aspects of the product’s launch, including development, sales, customer service and marketing. She developed marketing and strategic partnership programs that resulted in sales growth of 270 percent during her tenure.

In 2007, Gosse was promoted to Vice President of Marketing, where she again assembled and created the company’s first marketing department. During her tenure, she oversaw the re-branding of Fishbowl from a one-product company to a multi-product company.

Gosse lives in McLean, Va., with her husband and two daughters.