Brian Marvin
Brian Marvin

- Information Technology Strategy
- Cloud Based Technologies
- Systems Integration
- Technology Solutions Development

Brian Marvin

Entrepreneur Brian Marvin is an information technology consultant and business strategist with experience across all restaurant industry segments. He specializes in creative, simple solutions to complex business problems.

Brian has extensive experience in SQL, ETL, SharePoint, systems and network automation, virtualization, cloud solutions, project management, point of sale, back office and general information systems. He recently developed a franchise intranet, franchise management system and business intelligence portal connecting franchisors and franchisees in a unique and customizable manner. He has also designed virtual cloud hosting environments geared for small and medium-sized businesses. In his interim CTO roles he has recently overseen the roll out of several business intelligence and restaurant portal projects.

Several years ago Brian founded a management consulting and technology firm to help small business, franchises, and restaurant chains grow efficiently. To that end, his firm develops cost-effective IT systems for small to medium-sized companies. His firm also designs websites, maintains social media and brand awareness, measures social media effectiveness, and manages email marketing platforms.

Prior to this, Brian was a partner at Celerity Systems and Epicenter Research.  While at Epicenter Research, he developed Restaurant Master NX, a POS currently used by franchises, kiosks, and retail establishments.

Brian attended Fullerton College and University of Phoenix. He is on the board of SRI, a non-profit organization.