Anna Eddy
Anna Marie Eddy

- Team-member development
- Gap analysis
- Performance management
- Leadership development
- Strategic Planning

Anna Marie Eddy

Anna brings over 20 years of ‘hands-on’ experience in the foodservice industry. She is a specialist in developing performance-management systems for companies and identifying barriers to real sales growth. Her main focus is developing teams to manage sales, staffing, quality assurance, inventory control, facility maintenance, asset allocation and reallocation, real estate, human resources, and training.

Anna has implemented a variety of performance-related programs, including diversity awareness and sexual harassment. Using Balanced Scorecard and Gap Analysis, for example, she has reduced turnover, increased sales, increased productivity and increased profitability in multiple companies.

During 11 years at Darden Restaurants, Anna was only one of four director-level employees to participate on a Kempner-Tregoe team, which analyzed how desired results diverged from actual employee performance. Senior management used the results from this project to help refocus and reinvent the company.

Anna has also led sales and operations teams at Verizon Wireless. In 2006, her business-to-business group led the company in sales. The operations team under her leadership improved quality measures by 10 percent and reduced costs by $6 million annually in her region.

A process-oriented executive, Anna puts consequential thinking ahead of linear thinking. Using this approach, Anna can show management teams how to effectively provide solutions to problems as they arise. As a consultant, Anna has worked with Staples, GoWireless, Meijer, Red Bucket Equine Rescue, and Macaroni Grill.