"Ms. Cahill-LeFranc helped BJ's Restaurants with purchasing systems, negotiations with vendors, and design and implementation of reports. She developed cost-saving programs that enabled BJ's to reduce food cost while in an environment of rapidly rising commodity prices. Lauren's efforts saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our investment in Lauren's services resulted in one of the best returns on investment we have ever experienced."

- Paul Motenko, CEO, BJ's Restaurants, Inc - Huntington Beach, CA.

strategies for turnaround

Bring us your tired or sick brands, and we’ll improve their financial and business performance while keeping customers happy and loyal.
RTS partners know that restaurant strategies for turnaround is an ordeal; it requires huge amounts of time, discipline, and perseverance. Those items are usually in short supply when management is otherwise operating the troubled company on a day-to-day basis.

We excel at picking up the slack by forming interdisciplinary teams that will launch the process with an assessment of brand positioning, financial systems, and operations. We’ll also review your information technology systems to make sure they’re sufficient data for informed decisions. An objective SWOT analysis will reveal why cutting quality, firing employees, and closing units often works against a restaurant company.

We’ll quickly deliver to management a “state of the company” report that will give leadership a context for our recommendations and action plans. Our turnaround roadmap is likely to include an affordable pilot test in a market that can deliver reliable and actionable results quickly.

Bear in mind that RTS works in phases. We keep management informed and in control of all project aspects, going as fast or as slow as you tell us. The approach helps RTS develop strategies and practical operating and tactical plans that ultimately achieve the goals you set forth with the strongest ROI.

Reviving a brand today is not just about being different or executing better than rivals; it’s also about making sure your brand cares more than your competitors do about guests, employees, and the communities it does business in.

If you’d like to learn how we can help you achieve strategies for turnaround for your company, please call RTS at (888) 812-2150.