"The team at RTS assisted us to communicate with laser focus to our target market. Since our branding 'extreme makeover' we can attribute our 'extreme increase' in new project revenue to the work associated to RTS."

- Tyler Gompf, CEO - Tell Us About Us

strategies for growth

Despite the economy (or, perhaps, because of it) we get asked a lot about growth. Executives typically want advice on how best to prepare and position their companies to attract capital. Unit economics, real estate, and management are always mentioned.

While strategies for growth are crucial to investors, the process cannot be rushed. We begin addressing your desire to expand a concept by putting your executive management team through a strategic-planning process to identify sustainable growth opportunities (for example, to franchise to not to franchise?). These opportunities become an action-plan that is measured daily.

Because we don’t think sustainable growth is possible without accountability and a results-based culture, we also train management teams using a performance-management and communications program. What’s more, we will align your organizational chart against the action-plan, making sure you have the right people are on board and in the right jobs. Together, we’ll make sure each team member grows in effectiveness.

Finally, we implement a comprehensive salary administration and performance-evaluation program that reward performance and results against the action-plan’s objectives.