"I have had the opportunity to work with a few of the Results through Strategy partners and felt that we exceeded the objectives we had expected in each case"

- Russ Bendel, President - Habit Burger

strategies for acquisition

You’ve decided that the best way to grow your business is to buy more restaurants, which typically means acquiring another company. You are therefore likely focused on purchase price and financing terms. But are you also focused the strategic importance of the target company’s present and future growth plans?

This is where RTS comes in. Given our industry experience and resources, we can help you determine if the acquisition makes sense from a strategic standpoint. We do so during the process of due diligence, scrubbing everything from purchasing contracts and vendor logistics to culinary operations and information technology systems. The size of the acquisition doesn’t matter.

We begin that process by sending every department in your target company a detailed spreadsheet that department heads update with trends data. RTS teams then make a site visits, interviewing key employees, including senior-level managers, directors, and field personnel. While there, we experience the restaurants, physically examining the facilities, digging into kitchen operations, and tasting food.

We measure what we learn against the industry’s best practices, target-audience expectations, and direct competitors. We give you this information along with RTS team’s recommendations.

At this point, you can choose RTS to lead the process of fulfilling those recommendations or do it yourself, perhaps with us as monitors.

Either way, RTS fully capable of efficiently gathering intelligence about companies that can help you make a strategy-perfect acquisition. You can count on RTS doing so with the utmost discretion and integrity.

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