Supply Chain

Getting your supply chain right is tricky business because it involves a complicated roadmap. RTS’s goal when assessing a company’s supply-chain is to determine whether management is using the right tools to provide the roadmap and the best time-to-value equation. To do so, RTS partners examine your total supply-chain infrastructure to understand demand, inventory management, and scheduling.

If you like, we’ll also collaborate with you to determine how best to manage your vendor community, including the kinds of vendor technology that allows restaurant companies to purchase efficiently. We’ll also show you highly efficient ways to research commodities, leverage logistics, and synchronize supply with demand.

By the way, we won’t do this by applying some general “best practices” approach. But we will do it by taking a hard look at your supply-chain management strategies and suggesting changes that fit your culture and budget—and do so without disturbing day-to-day operations.

If you’d like a list of actionable steps to improve your supply chain, please call RTS at (888) 812-2150.

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