Staff Training

Everyone knows that foodservice staff – FOH and BOH — gives its best when managed and trained well. During an assessment for staff training, we look closely at your recent training initiatives to see if they improve productivity and quality. We also talk your employees to get their take on training and the quality of service products they deliver.

Only then do we suggest ways to improve training that align with your company’s business objectives and the way it manages people. We will show front-line managers how to determine what motivates a staff, especially when it’s under a great pressure to get food to tables in a timely manner. Of course, we will also give them tools to establish measurable, observable goals and objectives.

If you’d like take things a step further, we will collaborate with you to upgrade your training programs and materials and show you how to create a blame-free environment where people don’t resist change but embrace it.

If you’d like an assessment of your training programs, please call us at (888) 812-2150.

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