Social Media

Engaging with customers is part and parcel of the foodservice business. But those customers were almost always in the restaurant. Today, operators can engage with thousands of customers outside their restaurants via Social Media platforms.

With the evolution of Facebook, Yelp, and Twitter, for example, the ability to connect and engage with your fans offers numerous possibilities and pitfalls. It helps to have an experienced partner on your side.

RTS will help your organization develop social-media brand, marketing, and recruiting strategies. We will establish your company’s social web presence, provide training for your team, and show you how to listen, connect, engage, and interact in Social Media.

Need technology support? redesign your website, build you custom applications, and give your online presence a boost. Here’s the game plan:

- Develop social media, HR & marketing strategies.
- Learn how to establish and build personal-talent brands of in your company.
- Create your company’s very own interactive career-site
- Revitalize your web presence through graphic design and custom technology development
- Train your employees to maximize your return on engagement via social media platforms right for your brand.

If you’d like to learn more about how to apply social media strategies to your company, please give RTS a call at (888) 812-2150

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