At any given moment, restaurant companies often have several pain points. If the pain occurs in operations, finance, real estate or culinary, alleviating it is typically a straightforward process: Drop a menu item, buy a new stove, run an audit, refine site selection.

But if the pain is in your marketing strategy, it’s tougher to spot. Is the issue in the creative, media, local marketing, the menu or in the concept itself?  Are you afraid to stop discounting?  Is the brand relevant, or has it lost its way?  Are you leveraging social mediums to help achieve your goals?  Is the problem with the plan simply not having one?  ?

RTS can assess your marketing plan without pre-conceived notions about your brand, your segment, or your competitive set. Our process includes a rigorous evaluation of your company’s global and local store marketing efforts and relationship and database strategies.  RTS works hand-in-hand with your team to solve concept and marketing challenges, and to budget/implement recommendations to establish and achieve goals.

Give RTS a call to learn how you can maximize results of your marketing efforts: (888) 812-2150.

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