Are you considering franchising as a growth strategy or are you already franchising? If the former, we will assess whether your brand is ready to launch a franchising program. If the latter, we’ll survey existing and past franchisees as well as your corporate team members. We also review the organization’s current business model.

Whether or not you already franchise, we’ll help you develop a strategy for determining your brand’s market potential to help you plan growth. Here are some of the questions we’ll pose during this important process:

  – Should you designate certain markets for company-only growth?
  – Should you have a seed markets strategy or company and franchise areas?
  – Should your brand seek international franchisees?
  – How many outlets will each market support?
  – How well are competitive brands doing in your franchise areas?

Finally, the RTS team will look at two distinct but deeply interrelated areas: franchise development and the franchise support system.

If you would like to talk about to us about franchising and growth, please give us a call at (888) 812-2150.

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