Corporate Finance

The financial structure of a company is critical to creating value. RTS helps companies evaluate strategies to provide the appropriate structure for value creation. This includes:

  • Identifying financial strengths and areas of opportunity to improve the investment appeal of the brand.
  • Determining the best capital structure.
  • Identifying potential partners to achieve the right capital structure.


We also help owners resolve such issues as:

  • Whether to seek outside investors or sell the company.
  • Who financial partners should be.
  • Preparing to undertake due diligence.
  • Positioning the company to investors to maximize value.


We understand that developing a comprehensive financial plan that resonates with outside investors is often beyond the scope of lean management teams whose focus is on day-to-day operations.

This is where an experienced RTS team can step in to perform a comparative analysis, giving executives data they need to make informed decisions about value-creating alternatives and guide them through the process.

Our team can help walk management through the often time-consuming and complex due-diligence process. The key is to understand it and to know what information is necessary and how it should be presented.

Our corporate finance experts can help in the preparation of necessary documents, accelerating the process. We also can write required press releases to meet fiduciary requirements.

Please give RTS a call at 888-812-2150.

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