Business Strategy

It’s typical for managements to evaluate their current strategy, especially after a weak period. After several such periods, management teams may decide to change strategy because they believe they’re now at a competitive disadvantage. But before your company begins tweaking, say, pricing or advertising or site selection, invite RTS to offer an assessment of current strategy and tactics.

We’ll begin by taking management on a brief strategic journey, asking how they see the concept relative to competitors and where it’s most successful. It may be that at this point management is more focused on implementing value strategy than on operations, causing confusion among customers. Or, it may be that your pricing strategy isn’t effective in new markets – successful though it is in others.

RTS team members will pinpoint these and other strategic issues through a fluid and holistic assessment of strategic plan. We’ll give you solutions and the option of deciding whether you want us to address strategy issues or just to act as a sounding board.

If you ask us to solve strategic problems, we will do so using a variety of tools, including qualitative and quantitative research, including focus groups, SWOT analysis, and market analysis. We work in phases so that management remains informed and in control of all project aspects.

If you’d like to talk about ways to address strategic issues in a difficult operating environment, please call us at (888) 812-2150.

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