For new entities, RTS invites representative stakeholders to participate in a series of brand building exercises designed to distill and quantify three things: who the company is, what they do, and why anyone should care. This tells us what the focus of the brand should be. Next, this result is considered under the light of competition and filtered through demographic and other current market conditions. This leads to a core understanding of how to alter perceptions and motivate audiences so that they form a positive relationship with the brand, leading to customer loyalty.

For existing companies (and as a next stage for new entities) RTS builds a Message Matrix™ designed to focus on specific messages required to motivate each specific audience

(potential new customers, existing customers, key influencers, employees, the press, etc.) and to identify the medium and timing for each message to be delivered. This document, frequently reviewed and updated, becomes central to every form of communication disseminated by the company – so that from menu to store graphics to newsletters to signage to advertising to recruitment to public relations, each target is touched by a message designed to foster results.

Through ongoing polling and customer feedback, RTS fine-tunes strategies to continually attract new customers, give old customers a reason to return, give infrequent customers a reason to return more often, and induce loyal and heavy users to bring their friends.

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