Measuring a restaurant company’s performance requires a dedicated quantitative understanding of how various programs – pricing, purchase agreements, franchising, to name a few — impact profits. If you suspect your company is not making as much money as it should, an RTS team can help.

Using a combination of business Intelligence, risk assessment, and predictive modeling tools, we’ll assess whether your company’s bottom-line is as healthy as it can be. We assess financials on both granular and enterprise levels. Through the use of data mining, research, and statistical method, we’ll tell you the risks associated with various courses of action. We also help your management decide on the best course.

Depending on your use of social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, for example), we can also help you create tools to measure and monitor what customers are saying about your restaurants.

If you’d like an assessment of restaurant performance metrics, please give RTS a call at (888) 812-2150

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