Fred LeFranc
Fred LeFranc
founding partner
Fred has over 30 years’ experience operating restaurants and companies that serve restaurants.

Founder’s Message

Welcome to Results thru Strategy.
We optimize people, performance + profits.

The current business environment demands that every company, new or established, optimize its profitability, outdistance the competition, be vigilant in its quest to attract top talent, and grow revenue.  Even the best run companies often find themselves in need of fresh strategic and creative thinking, as well as new resources for time, money and expertise. That requirement is especially evident in the foodservice industry.

Our focus is to help you make more money, increase sales and energize your team! We save you money and optimize your profitability

The restaurant industry is in a period of turmoil. Challenged by a housing crisis, a credit crunch, and rising commodity prices; companies have slowed growth, reduced staff, closed locations and sought ways to reduce costs and increase sales.Our supply chain, operations and financial experts aid companies in identifying cost savings in overhead and operating areas. Recognizing the need for an immediate ROI, we perform an assessment that defines potential savings and helps you to execute a plan against your goals.